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MRV Manager


Job Type

Full Time

Reports to

Chief Commercial Officer

About the Role

As the MRV Manager, you will be responsible for accelerating, coordinating, and leading the path towards third-party verification and certification of our Carbon Dioxide Removal Credits. An expert on the CDR ecosystem as it currently exists, your due diligence and analysis will refine our understanding of our customers’ needs and define how to effectively deliver solutions to them. You will be our in-house expert on VCM registry standards as well as compliance market standards, also acting in a client-facing role in support of the Commercial team as needed. Determining and executing our certification strategy, you will ensure a seamless connection between our certified CDR and major carbon market standards in order to provide surety for our customers. Effective quantitative analysis and tracking of our LCA and MRV will be critical to success in this role.

You will collaborate closely with all functions in the company, in particular project development, marketing, and sales. Your strategic thinking, innovative ideas, and ability to build strong relationships will be critical in driving the growth and success of our business. At CO280 we believe everyone is a “player-coach,” meaning we all manage & lead, but we also all roll up our sleeves and execute on our goals directly.

About the Company

We are a leading project developer of carbon negative projects dedicated to radically altering the trajectory of climate change. Our mission is to lead the world in carbon dioxide removal that sets the highest standards of permanence, quality, and affordability at scale. We partner with industrial emitters, technology companies and CO2 transport and storage companies to develop, finance, own, and operate large-scale carbon capture and sequestration projects throughout North America. Our projects will capture and sequester 10 million tons per year by 2030. We sell CDR – Carbon Dioxide Removals – as our primary revenue source. As the MRV Manager, you will play a crucial role in driving the company's MRV and LCA strategy and help inform how we access segments of the carbon markets. You will also play a critical role with customers in their due diligence process throughout the sales cycle and during onboarding.



Join our dynamic team in a critical leadership role to radically alter the trajectory of climate change.

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