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Our project and the local community


CO280 and PCA are actively building community engagement for the project. It is critical for the local stakeholders and community to have a voice, to be able to adequately voice concerns, and for us in turn to listen and respond.


The DeRidder mill is located adjacent to the town of DeRidder, Louisiana (population approx. 9,745) in Beauregard and Vernon parishes (combined population approx. 81,000). It is a rural community and a federal economic opportunity zone with an average per capita income of $23,000.

PCA has a deep, longstanding relationship with the local community and stakeholders.

PCA has a deep, longstanding relationship with the local community and stakeholders. The DeRidder mill has been part of their community for over 50 years. That creates some distinction from other carbon capture projects, as it is not a greenfield development, where the seller of the credits is entering a community for the first time. It is an upgrade to the existing mill infrastructure. PCA’s DeRidder mill is one of the largest employers in the region providing hundreds of jobs at the mill, plus indirect employment through its regional network of suppliers and subcontractors.


PCA also has a long history of investing in upgrades to their mills—and the investments have historically been welcomed by the community. For example, PCA spent over $100 million at DeRidder after buying the mill from Boise, to convert a paper machine from running newsprint to containerboard. Investments like these keep the mill operational long-term and protect jobs.


This nearly $200 million proposed carbon capture plant will generate income for the
communities during construction and operation.
More active community engagement will begin in Q1 2024 as the project is in FEED.

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