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Leading the world in permanent carbon dioxide removal

Our Values

We are a veteran team with a track record of successfully developing and implementing large scale climate infrastructure projects. Our values are at the center of everything we do.

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We do the right thing

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We are hopeful

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We have a sense of urgency

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We deliver

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We collaborate


The CO280 Story

Who we are:

We are a leading project developer of carbon negative projects dedicated to radically altering the trajectory of climate change. Our mission is to lead the world in carbon dioxide removal that sets the highest standards of permanence, quality, affordability at scale. We partner with industrial emitters, technology companies and CO2 transport and storage companies to build, own and operate best-in-class carbon negative projects. Our projects will capture and sequester 10 million tons per year by 2030. We sell CDR – Carbon Dioxide Removals – as our primary revenue source. 

Job Listings

Job Listings

Head / Director of CDR Sales


General Application - No Current Openings


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